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Side effects of membership include:

  • 1. Life time friends.
  • 2. Screaming Passengers.
  • 3. Desire to wear O.R.D. Merchandise.
  • 4. Overwhelming desire to be around mud.
  • 5. The need to add data storage to your cell phone due to overload of Jeep photos.
  • 6. Monthly household budget sacrifices.
  • 7. A new sense of freedom.
  • 8. Paved road boredom.
  • 9. Parts catalogs in your purse.
  • 10. A sudden desire to go topless.
  • 11. The ability to drive and wave at the same time.
  • 12. A new sense of independence.
  • 13. Sixth Sense of "Death Wobble" awareness.
  • 14. The ability to go anywhere and do anything!

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